5 Things you learn if you work for a STARTUP

Working in a Startup will teach you some valuable lessons in how to deal with work pressure, limited resources, multiple projects and handling multiple roles and responsibilities

1. You will learn Multitasking

No matter which degree you get, in Startups you have to be a jack of all. A Developer can be asked to look into accounts or accountant may be asked to pitch the product to potential buyers.  Everyone carries an extra load with them but trust me it’s worth it.

2. You will Get Exposure leading to Great Experience

In startups you get a lot more exposure then working for MNC’s, I personally have this experience. You get to attend corporate meetings with CEO, CFO, CTO which MNC hardly provides to freshers.  With these meetings you learn and understand how businesses actually works, how requirements are gathered, you get to learn about business models, strategies and much more. Startups are best for people who want to establish their own business in future.

3. You will Develop Self Learning Skills

You develop Skills as per Technology change, Changes in Management, New Projects and during further developments of Projects. These skills are developed by learning through various online portals, industry experts, through company founders, seniors  which may take a month or just a single day. As one is assigned with certain task one needs to enhance his/her skills. This is how you add more and more experience in skill sets.

4. You will Build Leadership Skills

If you work in a team of 5-6 people, everyone is accountable for some major task delivery and this is how you learn leadership by making things happen. In startups everyday comes with a new challenge that we all come across. It’s all about how we deal with it and overcome those challenges, you may be unaware about it now but sooner you will understand that all those challenges, tasks , deadlines, team meetings, client meetings you have accomplished has somewhere added a LEADERSHIP SKILLS IN YOU

5. You will learn to Easily Adapt Change

In this growing environment this(adapting change) is a core skill which rapidly changes as per workplace requirements. As we all know change is inevitable. Startups have to adapt change and follow the same till it demands. Here Rules, Process, Technology, Platforms, Timings changes everyday. These will teach you to embrace change rather than resisting it.



Startups are in growing stage even founders learn each day in their business. Trust me it’s really an exciting journey. I am a part of an IT Industry since 2 years and I am still learning more and more. I have become a core part of building the company. If you are hardworking, dedicated and love what you do, give your 100% and company will support you. I would suggest join a startup if you get an opportunity as “IT’S A WORLD OF EXPERIENCE”.  It will make you independent, resilient, flexible, multi-tasking, leader and may be an Entrepreneur in future.


Thank you for sparing your precious time for reading out. Do let me know your thoughts for the same. If you have any queries I would be happy to help you out. Kindly leave your suggestions below, I would respond as early as possible.


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