3 Tips for Interns Joining A Startup


Hi, There! If you are soon going to join a Startup for Internship and you are looking out for some tips on how you can perform better or what you should know before step in. Then you have come to right place read out few things you should know of Startup World.

Expect to Work Harder for Less Income

Most of the startups culture, work methods are different. Startups either work on product or build products/ services for other organization. If the company is given funds then you don’t have to worry about money they will pay you ample amount, but if the company is bootstrapped then chances are of getting less paid compared to other company. As an intern always remembers you are here to learn, money is secondary.

Getting a chance to work is also difficult nowadays. If you are hired makes sure you perform well during your tenure, they may hire you if they find you disciplined, focused, and you will be further able to learn and develop projects for company.

You need to work Hard for less money. End results are great. You will learn how to handle pressure, deal with deadlines, you will learn new skills and that’s for Free, you don’t need to pay them.

Learn Skills Before Your Internship Starts

Firstly when you are hired for Internship make sure you know your domain for which you are hired. As a student you will not be aware about what skills you should have. Google skills required for your work eg: marketing, sales, content creation, development. Etc.

Be prepared, in Startups employees don’t have much time to pay attention to interns as they are dealing with multiple projects and deadline.

Once you join you may ask help from them, they will also guide you but in the end you have to work for yourself. Learn, research and then implement the same during your internship period.

Learn the Startup Lingo

UI/UX, Services, VC, PR etc if you don’t know what they mean then learn about it, it will help you know what exactly your fellow worker is talking about.

Be prepared for new challenges, and learning’s, and work culture you will soon joining a firm and you will be intern which will add some value to organization, make sure you give your best.

Wish you all the best for your internship. I would be happy to know your internship Experience.
Thank you.

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