Famous Genstones

  • Koh-i-Noor Diamond, 5000 years old gem

The Koh-i-Noor is a Persian word which means Mountain of Light. It is a large, colorless stone found near Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, India, possibly in the 13th century. The Koh-i-Noor diamond weighs around 106 karat diamond. Previously which used to be one of the largest diamond in the world. Currently, it is a part of Britain crown jewels but it was originated in India, passing through different rulers it becomes a part of Elizabeth crown. Roughly it weighs around 186 karats or 37 grams. For its cutting, Prince Albert carefully searched for a well-known diamond cutter and headed to the Netherlands where he gave the stone to Mr. Cantor, who accomplish the difficult task beautifully and afterward it was then presented to Queen Victoria.

It became one of the Crown Jewels and was last worn by the Queen Mother during her coronation as a mark of her becoming Empress of India.



  • The Millennium, a Football-Sized Carved Sapphire

The football-sized Millennium Sapphire is a pearl cut with the resemblances of some popular authentic figures purchased for $180 million. It weighs around 61,500 karat

Outlined by Italian craftsman Alessio Boschi, the Millennium Sapphire was imagined as a tribute to human virtuoso and it incorporates 134 subjects, including the characteristics of Beethoven, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 28 cm Millennium Sapphire was uncovered in Madagascar in 1995. It weighed around 90,000 karats in its unpleasant state and lost about 33% of its weight in the cutting procedure, which took two years and was finished in 2000.


  • Dom Pedro, the World’s Biggest Aquamarine Gem

The biggest single bit of cut-jewel sea green/blue on the planet, this valuable stone is on perpetual display in Washington nearby the Hope Diamond and Marie Antoinette’s studs.

It was mined from a Brazilian pegmatite in 1980. The Dom Pedro Aquamarine involves a recognized place at the National Museum of Natural History. The monolith molded, blue-green jewel, which was outlined by acclaimed German diamond cutter Bernd Munsteiner, known as the “father of the dream cut,” stands 14 inches (35.5 centimeters) tall and weighs 10,363 karats or 4.6 pounds.


  • World’s Largest Pearl

It was displayed on November 21, 2010, as the world’s largest luminous pearl at Wenchang in South China’s Hainan province. It Weighs around six tons and measuring 1.6 meters in diameter, the pearl is the largest ever discovered and its cost is estimated to be around two billion yuan or $301.197 million. It is a matter of fact that in China pearls are prized more highly than diamonds. The stone is composed mostly of fluorite mineral which glows green in the dark. Initially, it took three years to grind the raw gem to its pearl shape by its finder.


  • The Graff Pink, the World’s Most Expensive Pink Diamond

Laurence Graff is the world’s main merchant in precious stones and jewels, however, in 2010, he ensured that this notoriety was affirmed with the buy of the shocking 24.78 karats uncommon pink precious stone. He is likewise Britain’s wealthiest living workmanship purchaser, sprinkling $24.1m in New York on two of Warhol’s best works – “Elvis” and “Campbell’s Soup Can.” Laurence Graff additionally claims five extravagant homes in England, France, Switzerland, and New York, and a private Mediterranean yacht. He likewise claims his own jewel mine outside of Johannesburg, alongside about six properties in Mayfair.

The astonishing “possibly faultless” pink precious stone has set another record with the closeout cost shocking the staff at Sotheby’s. The bartering was bound with wheezes as the offers continued coming in. Pink Diamonds UK had never observed such fervor. England’s 36th wealthiest man and Diamond geezer inevitably paid £29 million ($45 million), paid for a gem.


  • Ethereal Carolina Divine, the Largest Cut Paraiba Tourmaline

Montreal lender Vincent Boucher is the proprietor of the Ethereal Carolina Divine Paraiba, a Paraiba tourmaline with a mass of about 192 karats that is esteemed at between $25 million and $125 million. This sets another world record for the biggest cut Paraiba tourmaline.


Paraiba tourmaline is one of the rarest gems diamonds on the planet, supported by expert gatherers and exhibited by tip top gem dealers around the world. There is one Paraiba tourmaline (named for the Brazilian district where most by far are discovered, including Boucher’s) dug for each 10,000 precious stones, and Boucher called attention to an aggregate of 50 kilogrammes of the diamond have been recouped to date.



  • Massive Uncut 478-Carat Diamond

A monstrous 478-carat precious stone was found at the Letseng Mine in Lesotho, a little kingdom in South Africa. It is the twentieth biggest harsh precious stone at any point found, and it originated from a mine that has as of now conveyed three of the world’s biggest jewels: the 603-carat Lesotho Promise, the 493-carat Letang Legacy and the 601-carat Lesotho Brown. A comparable, however, littler measured harsh stone has as of late been esteemed at $12 million. It is trusted that the uncut jewel will be equipped for delivering a 150-carat cleaned pearl stone, predominating the current biggest jewel, the Koh-i-Noor Diamond.


  • World’s Most Expensive Gemstone Per Carat Sold at Auction

Recognised as one of the one of a kind pearls on the planet, an impeccable blue precious stone was regarded in 2007 as the most costly gemstone on the planet. The 6.04-carat jewel was sold for $7.98 million at Sotheby’s sale in Hong Kong. The impeccable blue precious stone brought $1.32 million for every carat.

The favoured purchaser is Moussaieff Jewelers situated in London, who was happy to buy this precious stone from a private Asian gatherer, as it would be an expansion to their uncommon accumulation of valuable gems. Blue precious stones are known for enamouring the incredibly wealthy upper class with sparkling dull allure. Genuine, it is not the biggest stone, but rather its venerated cut and “dynamic blue” tint is the thing that legitimises its massive value, which is very nearly ten times the per-carat cost of normal white jewels.

  • Bahia Emerald, the World’s Largest

The Bahia Emerald is one of the biggest emeralds and contains the biggest single shard at any point found. The roughly 840 lb (1,900,000-carat) stone started from Bahia State in Brazil. It barely evaded flooding amid Hurricane Katrina in 2005 amid a time of capacity in a distribution centre in New Orleans. In September 2008, tt was in this way announced stolen from a secured vault in South El Monte in Los Angeles County, California. While the stone has been esteemed at some $400 million, the genuine esteem is hazy. At a certain point, the emerald was recorded available to be purchased on eBay for a “Get It Now” cost of $75 million.

Subsequent to being moved from Brazil to the United States, different endeavours were made to offer it without accomplishment; there were clashing cases of possession. In the end, the emerald was seized from a diamond merchant in Las Vegas and taken into the care of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.


  • The Moussaieff Red, the Most Famous Red Diamond

Once known as the Red Shield Diamond, the Moussaieff Red is one of the fancy largest diamond of red colour in the world. It weighs around5.11 carats. It was discovered in Brazil in the 1990s, the diamond has a triangular brilliant cut also known as a trilliant cut and was most recently displayed at the 2003 “Splendour of Diamonds” exhibit at the Smithsonian.




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