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15 Countries Indians Should Travel to

The world is a fantastic place to travel and explore. We all know that any form of trip leaves a lasting impression on us. Mainly because we feel the newness and freshness during our trips. Despite the fact that Indians are considered to be everywhere, there are still really few Indians, who would want the following countries to be their dream travelling destination. The cost estimates are from here.

1. Croatia

We begin with a country with one of the most scenic Mediterranean coastlines in the world. A coastline filled with beautiful bays, coves and inlets. Experience of the natural beauty of the country is best in the summer season. Croatia is also a peaceful and happy country. Leisurely strolls along the Zivogosce beach(above) and Coastal Town Hvar (below), is a recipe of a lifetime experience. Most importantly it is cheaper than the average trip to Italy.

Estimated Cost : 37,607 /week for a person.

2. Czech Republic


Another European country’s beauty that people seem to underrate. Czech Republic, is a very old country with rich history and cultural heritage. Cities like Prague (Below),Český KrumlovOlomoucTřebíč and many others contain vast history of the Bohemian Province of the Roman Empire. The best time to visit the country is summertime. It is a rediscovery of a heritage of which we rarely learn in India. Not to forget the Prachov Rocks (above), one of the most beautiful Rock formations on the planet.

Estimated Cost: 41,342 /week for a person.

3. China

Leaving all the political hatred aside, we all know for a fact china also boasts a big and rich history. Not only heritage sites to behold but also humongous cities like Shanghai(below), Xian and Beijing. China manufactures most of the things for the world. This makes it a good contender for shopping destination. It is the world’s leading exporter overall. The food in China is getting more and more tourist friendly over the years. And yes who doesn’t want to look at the wonderful Great Wall of China, Forbidden City(Above) and Terracotta Army.

Estimated Cost: 34,225 / week for a person.

4. Mexico

Going to the other side of the world, Mexico is on the biggest tourist attraction country in the Western Hemisphere. Boasting rich native american history of multiple cultures like Olmec, Aztec, Maya, Zapotec, and many, many others. The country also has a vast colonial history with great architectural buildings. And if food is what pleases you the most, then do not worry. Mexican cuisine is one of the best in the world. Chichen Itza (above), Hierve el Agua, Mexico city being the prime destinations. If beaches is your thing, then worry not. Mexico has coastline to two major oceans. Having beautiful beaches like Playa del Carmen (below) and Los Cabos.

Estimated Cost: 21,000 / week for a person.

5. Japan

Land of the rising sun, the archipelago of Japan is also a great tourist spot. Leaving aside all the jokes and memes of their lifestyle, the city of Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto (Below) are great cities to be in. Kyoto is also the historic city capital of Japan, having rich history of Feudal Japan times. Sagano Bamboo forest (Above), Cherry Blossom Festival and Mount Fuji are natural sites to behold. Osaka, is also home to the under-construction video game based theme park known as Super Nintendo World. The estimation of finishing the construction is by 2020. The food in Japan is also amazing. Sea Food lovers look no further, as Japan is the literal inventor of Sushi and other great sea food dishes.

Estimated Cost: 55,621 / week for a person

6. New Zealand

Perhaps, the most visited country from all the other ones in the list. If you have seen The Lord of The Rings, you will understand exactly why this is a perfect destination. Exhilarating landscapes all over the country. From Queenstown‘s (above) adrenaline pumping activities to the fantastic Cathedral Cove and Milford Sound. There is something almost for everyone in here. And if you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings (Like me), Hobbiton (below) is just the place for you. Wellington and Auckland are the two major cities, if that is your thing.

Estimated Cost: 58,735/ week for a person

7. Russia

Over to the largest country in the world, surely Russia many things as a country. It also is a great Tourist destination. The sheer beautiful skylines and the cities of Saint Petersburg (below) and Moscow, speak highly of the culture of the country. Cities of Volgograd and Krasnodar are where the memories of the Stalin History is preserved to some extent. If Skiing and other resorts is your thing, then Sochi, the biggest resort-town in Russia is at your disposal. There are also scenic places like Lake Biakal, worlds deepest, oldest and biggest freshwater lake and Murmansk (above), the place for northern lights in Russia.

Estimated Cost: 26,533 /week for a person.

8. Morocco

To a completely different continent now, Morocco is Northern Africa’s most exotic locations and is perfect for a 2-3 day excursion as a part of a bigger trip. It contains scenic deserts and beaches. The cities of FezMarrakeshMeknes and Rabat are of great historical and cultural significance. Scenic places like the Atlas Mountains and Erg Chebbi (below) are also at your disposal. The main attractions are the Kasbah, with notable Kasbahs as Aït Benhaddou (above) and Kasbah of the Udayas.

Estimated Cost: 19,698 / week for a person.

9. Tanzania

Three words. Serengeti National Park (above). Yes, Tanzania is home to the great Savannah National Park, the Serengeti, the safari mecca. It is mostly known for the tourism from its wilderness with also the Ngorogoro Conservative area. This is the Home of Tanzania’s Big Five Game (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino). But that isn’t all. The famous Mount Kilimanjaro and the offshore Zanzibar Island also contribute to the natural scenic beauty. Due to its popularity, the Serengeti has a number beautiful resorts (below) for tourists.

Estimated Cost: 29,882 / week for a person.

10. Brazil

Back to the Western Hemisphere, to one of the largest countries in the world. A country most Indians support once every 4 years, Brazil is also one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. Best to visit during the Carnivals. With extravagant beaches, cities like São Paulo (Above) and Rio de Janeiro (home to the famous Christ the Redeemer), Favellas and the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil is a place for everyone. Cities like Pipa (Beach below), Florianópolis and Armação dos Búzios have more beaches than you can count on your fingers. National Parks like Tumucumaque National Park and Pico da Neblina National Park are the parks where you get to explore the Amazon Rain-forest.

Estimated Cost: 28,602 / week for a person.

11. Iceland

Iceland is one of the least populated countries in Europe and safest country in the World! It is also known, Iceland has no army. This alone makes it a fantastic tourist choice. Whale watching, lagoons, thermal spas and Hot-springs await you in Iceland. Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon (For Scenic Beauty), Þingvellir (For Wildlife), The Golden Circle (above) (For Hot Springs), Snaefellsnes Peninsula (below) (For Northern Lights) and The Westman Islands (For Guided Volcano Tour) are the top places to visit in country. People usually go for the Spas to Iceland.

Estimated Cost : 1,01,658 / week for a person.

12. Peru

Another south american country rich with native american history. Peru is the home of the oldest known native american tribe, the Incas. This is the reason of their main tourist attraction. The Ancient City of Cusco, The Incan Citadel of Machu Pichu (above), SacsayhuamánMoray are among the places dripping with cultural heritage of the ancient history of the country. The Nazca Desert lines (below) is one of the greatest mysteries in the world. A part of Peru also belongs to the amazon rainforest.

Estimated Cost: 20,440 / week for a person.

13. Norway

One of the three countries in Scandinavia, Norway is the prime place to behold the beauty of the arctic circle and northern lights. The Nordic history, Stave Churches and the countryside scenic beauty, makes a car drive experience of a lifetime. Beautiful fjords, rivers and coastline are a serene enough to get lost in. Geirangerfjord (above) region has the one of the most spectacular views in the world. Plenty of winter activities like Skiing and skating can be done at Lillehammer. Not to forget the historic stave churches like the Heddal stave church (below). Lofoten and Oslo are also places you would love to explore. And finally it is one of the best countries to witness the northern lights.

Estimated Cost: 58,840 / week for a person.

14. South Korea


Keeping aside all the Asian stereotypes, where people only feel South Korea is just a place for business travelling, it has more than meets the eye. It has astounding cities like Seoul (Above) and Busan. For scenic places and historic cities of Gyeongju, Namisum (Below), Changdeokgung and Suwon are the main attractions. There is plenty to explore in Seoul itself. With palaces, and district that focuses on shopping and extravagant food. And who can forget the infamous Gangnam Street of South Korea.

Estimated Cost: 48,110

15. Spain

If the movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara does not make it clear, this section would. Spain is also an underrated beauty of Europe. With beautiful countryside and cities like Seville (below), Barcelona, Granada and Madrid that has plenty of churches, activities, cathedrals and other heritage sites. It is a completely new wonder to explore with great Spanish food and travelling places. Main attractions include Alhambra (above), Ibiza and Costa del Sol. I do not even need to mention how much this country is important for Football Fanatics.

Estimated Cost: 59,698 / week for a person.

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