• Engineering, the study of mathematics, empirical evidence and scientific, economic, social,
    and practical knowledge in order to invent, innovate, design, build, maintain, research, and
    improve structures, machines, tools, systems, components, materials, and processes. Well,
    all this needs a place where people have the capability to think openly and create something
    new. Things in India are a bit different.
    In India, it’s every third parent’s dream to see their child study in a well-reputed Engineering
    college. But is it really worth it?

    *Aren’t girls supposed to be in a home science school?

    Yes, it’s absurd, isn’t it? Girls are still treated as the backward gender and
    aren’t expected to be studying in Engineering and Medical schools. The
    country is growing but some people’s mentality is still like the frogs in the
    wells of Indian villages, stagnant and filthy.

    *How short are your shorts? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?

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    You’re a disgrace to your family. And blah!
    Dressing sense is something that should be only an individual’s choice. Not
    counting in the formal dressy days. Regular college is supposed to be fun and
    happening. But for girls in India, wearing what they want is still a nightmare.
    People still pass comments like, “You’re a shame to your family” and “You
    should learn from Arpita, she’s always in salwar kameez” . Give me a break
    , please ?

    *Dude, I’m in my senior year. Go get me water!

    Image result for ragging
    No, not ragging. This is like a daily scenario. It’s very weird but it’s not
    anyone’s fault that they were born one year later than you. And that for sure
    does not give you the right to rule over their life. “I should listen to you
    because you’re a fourth year? Lol.

    *teacher enters* Sir! We have an assignment due today.

    We all have that one nerd who always tries to be in the good books of
    professors. Yes, we all hate him to the core. You’ve made plans of killing him
    too, and it’s pretty normal.

    *Sees a girl with a guy* “You girl! Do your parents know about what you’re doing in college?

    Image result for girl with boy
    You are not allowed to live your life the way you want, you can’t meet
    guys/girls, or go on dates. “I’m in a college and above 18. I’m officially allowed
    to do anything I want. So do me a favour and mind your own business.”

    *You smoke? Cool. Can I try it once too?

    Image result for smoke cool
  • There are people trying to follow others only because they are ‘cool’. If you
    don’t smoke or party till late in the night, you don’t become Un-cool. That’s
    you and you should be proud of it.

    *I’m studying Biotechnological engineering, my subjects-physics, maths, maths II, physics II…. Kidding me?

    Yes, this.The most illogical education system ever. You took biotechnology for
    a reason, obviously, you’re into biology . What good would physics and maths
    do in your life? No idea.

    *“All my gadgets are from Apple, I just can’t use anything else!

    Image result for apple
    ‘Show offs’ , a category of people who were born with a golden spoon, and
    love to waste their money. They make sure every one around them knows
    about what they own. Oh god, their online shopping never ends. Annoying,

    *Auditions for dance competition* *The girl who did not show up gets selected*

    Politics and colleges go hand in hand. No matter however creepy that is, it
    prevails. I guess this is how people learn from their early ages how to get

    things done their way.

    *90% attendance rule, So I can’t fall sick?

    Image result for 90% attendance
    ABSURD. Yes, there are some private Universities which have 90%
    attendance rules. It’s like, you have no right to fall sick, visit family if you stay
    away, go to parties or even have a life, because 1 lecture can change it all.
    Aren’t jails a better place to live?


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