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10 Flawless Makeup Tips


Being ready to go to any party is not just about your clothes and hair. To make the most different and the best in the party, your makeup is a major reason. Make-up to go to parties is just like you do make-up for every day. On the day of the party, there is a little more attention on your make-up.

So, lets know how you should proceed with your makeup when you go to a party. Here, are some tips-Face Wash.

Before starting make-up, you must wash the face with some good face wash, you should not put soap on our face. Washing face with face wash removes the dust particles on the face  and soil which is released and our skin gets cleaned up from inside. For this, any good company face cream can be used.


After this, we should use the toner, clean the face with the toner, and close our pores so that the outside of the dirt does not go inside. After applying a toner, make-up does not spread.


If you are getting ready for the party and you intend to stay late in the party, then using Primer in very important for your makeup, because primer helps your makeup run for long periods of time. Primer should be used after cleansing the skin, by applying it primarily, whatever the spots on the face of the spike or staining of the blot or tanning, it disappears and the skin starts to look spotless. Primer should never be put under the eyes. 


After drying the primer, you can install a foundation on your skin, and you can use your fingers for applying it, foundation brush or foam sponge can also be used to apply the foundation. The foundation should always be placed in the center point of your face, such as nose, head, forehead, cheeks, chin. Use the same foundation that is similar to your skin and skin color. And if you have not chosen the foundation rightly, then you should first use it on your jawline and see your skin in the light, use the same color as your skin. The foundation is very important for makeup, this is how the face base is formed. The base does not mean that the face is covered by it, but the face of the face needs to be refined. The foundation should always be matched with the color of its skin. 


After installing the foundation and primary, we should use the concealer, it should be applied only to the four dot processes of the eyes and the dotting process. If there are any black spots on the face, then the concealer should be placed in that place too. If your nose is flat, then it is okay to apply a light colored conjunct nose to both sides of the nose to make the nose look slim.

Use powder for night parties

If you are getting ready for the night party, then you can also use the powder in make-up. One advantage of putting powder is also that it impairs your Oily Skin.

 Use highlighter

You can also use Highlighter to refine your face. If your skin is white then you should use the pearl color highlighter. Apart from this, people with oily skin should take peachy-gold color and dark skin people with a gold-colored or deep-yellow highlighter.

Eye Makeup

We should also take care of face makeup along with eye makeup, if the eyes are beautiful, then the face gets different on the face. To increase the beauty of the eyes, the use of the eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and mascara should be done. Eyeshadow should be put in the eye makeup first, it should also match with the color of its dress. Applying a deep dark ice sheet, the face also attracts the face. For the shadow of the skin, the light pink color or the skin color of the eyeshadow looks good.

After applying eyeshadow, we should put liner, if the eyes are to be dark, then both the liner should be put down and the eyes look great. If you do not feel like putting a liner on the bottom, you can also apply mascara. Now we have to set a mascara, it requires a lot of caution in applying it, you can make a make-up worse if you do anything too early. Mascara should be applied on both sides of the eyes. After making eye makeup, we should make our eyebrows dark with the help of the Iro pencil.

Use Of Blush

Blushing should be applied to cheeks when facial makeup is complicated. To apply a blush, one should smile lightly and then the blazer should be placed on the raised part of the cheeks. Do not put too many dark blurs, brown color for shadow skin and blusher of pink color for the skin of the skin.

Lip care tips for party

You can give your lips the right shape with the help of Lip Liner Pen to be ready for the parties. Put the initial colorless coat on the lips and let it dry.


To take care of your nails, clean them properly and give them the right size. Now place a base coat on those clean nails and let it dry. Put another coat of colorless base in it and let it dry.

Makeup is such a thing without which our beauty also seems to be faint. Makeup plays a very important role in the development of our personality. With good makeup, we can make ourselves beautiful. After coming from any party, we should not wash the face down, but make-up with cleanser should be removed properly and cautiously.

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