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10 Fashion Accessories Every Woman Must Have

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ill you eat a dish that is tasteless? Absolutely not, right?! Why should one ignore things, which make an outfit look more put together? You guessed it right! Accessories play a major role in looking good. Accessories can make a simple dress look expensive, while it may turn a gorgeous outfit hideous. It depends how well you pair these trinkets with your dress and create the perfect concoction.

  1.    Neckpieces – The list of essential women accessories will not be complete with mentioning neckpieces. Necklaces are made from precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. If budget is not an issue, then you can purchase necklaces, which are studded with precious stones. Apart from that, junk jewelry has been in fashion for many years. If you are getting ready for a dinner date, complement your LBD with layered pearl neckpiece. It will instantly add elegance to the dress. If you desire to highlight your fun side, then pair the dress with a statement beaded necklace.
  2.   Earrings – Another top contender, in jewelry category, is earrings. Just like neckpieces, they are available in various materials, designs, and colors. 2018 is all about statement earrings. If you have a pair of multi-colored beaded earring, then you are sorted for many occasions. Make sure you are not wearing a statement earring and necklace at the same time. It will not look flattering. Focus on one element and let it guide the other to shine. That is how you attain balance.

  1.   Scarves – If you don’t have the right neckpiece to go with a dress, then you can replace it with a scarf. Women have used scarves for many decades. You can tie them around your neck or wrist. Scarves look sophisticated at all times. In case you are not a big fan of using scarves on your body, achieving the same elegant look is possible by tying the scarf on the handle of your bag. It will infuse an old Hollywood charm to your outfit. Many use scarves as headbands as well.
  2.   Bags – You probably never have and will never see a fashionista leave her home without a bag. That is a cardinal sin when it comes to fashion. Women need to carry many things with them. A good handbag or sling bag will come in handy in such cases. Leather and artificial material bags are very popular among women of all ages. Apart from these two types, you will get totes, fanny packs, shoulder bags and purses to match your dress and occasion.
  3.    Shoes – Many women are fascinated with shoes. They don’t just protect your feet but also tie the entire look together. High heels, kitten heels, wedge heels, platforms, are box heels only get you started. To add pizzazz to your short summer dress, you can style it up with a gladiator sandal. Knee-high boots offer a rock chic look. Ankle-high boots go perfectly with skirts and cropped pants. For the monsoons, you have waterproof shoes as well. They come in vibrant colors, which uplift the gloomy feel of a monsoon morning.
  4.    Watches – There are very few accessories, which can match the sophistication of a classic timepiece. The best part is you can pick among thousands of style and designs. You don’t need an expensive watch to add elegance to your look. For formal events, you must keep it simple with sleek designs. When you are out and about the city with your friends, you can play with colorful straps. If you are tech savvy, then you can opt for smartwatches as well. If you are not a fan of metal straps, then opt for classic leather bands. These come in several colors and textures. A black or brown leather band watch will make you look dapper for all formal occasions.
  5.    Hats – Hats are in fashion in 2018. They are no longer a staple during beach vacations. Smaller hats will come in handy to shield your face from sunrays and will also enhance the casual feel of your ensemble. A halter neck top, distressed shorts, an organza shrug on top with a small hat is the perfect outfit for casual meetings. All you need is a contracting sling bag to add a dash of color and matching shoes.
  6.   Jackets – Many consider jackets as add-on accessories. A right jacket can make your simple white shirt stand out in the crowd. One can opt for blazers or tailored jackets. If you are into high-fashion, then pair your outfit with leather jackets. Apart from short jackets, a long trench coat style knee-length jacket will up your sophistication quotient by leaps and bounces. A red dress, when contrasted with black trench coat will ensure that all eyes are fixed on you. When picking a jacket, see that it fits you properly. An ill-fitted jacket will not only mar the overall beauty of the outfit but will also make you appear sloppy.
  7.    Belts – One can jazz up a simple dress by putting on a statement belt. Whether you are wearing jeans or trousers, A-line maxi dresses or short numbers, skirts or jumpsuits, belts will add an extra elegance to the outfit. Make sure that you pick the belt according to the garment. Wide and narrow belts complement dresses perfectly.
  8.    Sunglasses – If you think that sunglasses only protect your eyes, then it’s time to change the notion. These unique shades make a person look glamorous. As it hides a part of your face, it also creates a mystery.

If you have an excellent collection of these accessories, then nothing can stop you from looking your best at all times. Check out online sites and local stores to get these at low prices. You can also attain cheap replicas of high-end products.

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