Let success make the noise.


So you know what the quote goes like-“Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.”

It is the ‘Essence of Personality’. Most people don’t work hard and yet boost off saying that they really do. While there are people who work hard day and night in silence and in return when they succeed, Success makes the noise.

You know your body can sustain anything. It’s just your mind that you need to convince and manage success and failures both at the same time. What is it that you are afraid of? Failures? Well then, if that is the case you need to experience what it is, before being afraid of it. And then when you have experienced it, trust me, it doesn’t remain a ‘Fear’ anymore.

If you want your success to make the noise and rule the world, you must have failures. Now that doesn’t mean you just don’t work hard and be prepared to just fail. Fail, but fall forward.

‘Hard work and success goes hand-in-hand’. True? Well, let’s see.

We all hear one thing from our parents and that is- “You don’t know how hard we worked to get here.”

True fact!

If you are working hard, then you are moving towards failure. When we think of hard work, the one thing that comes to our mind is the labourers are the one who work very hard. But then, why aren’t they successful?

‘HARD WORK’ is that work which you do just for the sake for doing it and not because you love doing it. It is then that any work you do becomes ‘hard-work’. Similarly if you do something you love then even if you spend your whole day behind it, we consider it as fun and happiness and not as ‘hard work’. So, if you are working hard, you are moving towards failure. Love the work you are doing and then observe the change.

In today’s world, we don’t need people who work hard. We need people who do work smartly. Smart work is the key to success.

Do Smart Work and then your success will make the noise.