Interns Instructions

Instructions should be followed by every writer of

  • The article should contain 3-4 images. Example: after one paragraph you want to add image then you should add the URL of the exact image (* not the URL of the page)
  • If the author wants to keep their own images then author need to add the images in world file instead of URL and they should send their images separately including with the word file.
  • At top of the article, you should mention on what category you are writing. Example: If the article is on academics so you should mention Category: Academic

  • At the bottom of the article, there should be your name and email id.
  • Every author should submit an article by email thread. They should not send again fresh mail.
  • The front style should be ” times new roman, Verdana, Calibri” only. If there are any quotes they should be mentioned in quotations. Not in the italic form. For heading it should be bold form.
  • The article should be sent only in Word document. It should not be sent .as document1 name it should send as the name of your article.
  • Sometimes for sample article, we give the assignment on what thing you should write. The author must write on given assignment. If they send irrelevant things and emails they won’t be tolerated and the application will go to rejection.
  • If the given assignment is not to understand then the applicant can mail us at, we are here to explain everything very clearly.
  • If the assignment is not given, then the article should be written in the genres which we provided in the internship application.
  • Before writing the article please verify your topic is already published in, if the topic chosen by you is not published then you can carry on with your topic.
  • Article must not have any grammatical errors for grammar checker go for the
  • The article must be plagiarism free. Only 10% plagiarism is accepted. Before sending the article to they should check their plagiarism in below-provided link
  • Try to make side headings for each and every article.
  • NOTE: If your article is not meet the above any one of the instruction then your article will be rejected.
  • After article publishes we inform the respective author of the article that article is published with the link. So he/she should share their own article on the below mentioned social media Until sharing of the article is complete the next article of the respective author will not be published. If the article is not published means then for that article stipend will not be provided.
  • Finally after hiring the person. The respective person will be provided there username and password. Then they should immediately log in and upload their personal image and bio data. Then
    • The author won’t have any right to publish his/her article on their own.
    • If the article is published by the author without informing to buddymantra then the article will be rejected.
    • Once if that article is rejected then the respective he/she won’t have any right to submit the article on the same topic again.
    • Every author needs to submit their excel sheet while the collection of stipend.





  • In a week the author needs to submit 4 articles. In that 4 articles, one article should be on either the success story or failure story of the student in any category like arts, fashion, radio, music, dance, academics, social work, riding, sports, start up etc.
  • NOTE: 4 articles are not mandatory but if you submit two articles also in a week then one article on, success or failure story of the student is mandatory and rest of the articles are your choice category.
  • Under Art and culture Authors can add their drawings, paintings, videoes, photographies. But if the author wants to publish his/her drawing or painting or photograph or video of the dance, singing anything without any written work then for 3 drawings or 3 paintings or 3 photographs or 3 video’s with single quote will be considered as one article.
  •  If author adds drawing or painting or video or photograph with written work like story or experience then it is considered as the article.
  • While Login process or any other technical process or for stipend collection if the author faces any problems or want to clear any quires they can contact Buddymantra Founder Amit Kumar.


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Hope everyone follows the above-mentioned instructions without any fail…..

Thank you….

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