A little thing that makes a big Difference : Attitude


Are you having a bad day? Or you are making it a bad day!

Life is 10 percent how you make it and the rest 90 percent how you take it. It is all about attitude.

How do you take it? How do you choose to respond to the challenges before you?

The Choice is yours!

In 2004, after falling he seemed to be out of medal contention and then in his last event he delivers a perfect routine winning the Men’s All Round Gold Medal by .012 points. It was Paul Hamm.

It’s not the problem but your attitude towards the problem is what matters.

Dictionary defines Attitude as a ” state of mind or feeling with regard to some matter.

But Attitude for me, can be defined in a single word –  ‘Life.’

So let’s discuss, How to turn attitude into Real ACTION!

1.Understand the power of attitude: Your Attitude reflects You. Focus on the Positives. Your Setbacks can be Setups for even greater opportunities.



2.Stop negative assumptions: When we start off with some work, we tend to have negative assumptions as to – “They will never appreciate.” “They probably already know what I want to say.” “They are a pain to work with.”

But then, You need to think it the other way round and take them positively. “They want the best value for their money.” “I can help them discover what they want.”

These things definitely won’t happen overnight. But then start with a small change today for the need of a great impact later.


3.Change your Bad Attitude:



4. Discover How to motivate yourself: Self-coach through AFFIRMATIONS. I am SOMEBODY. YES, I CAN!

Visualise Success.

Hang out with positive people. Build Supportive Partnerships.


5. Embrace CHANGE as a daily opportunity: Embrace Change. It’s inevitable. Develop a “Whatever-It-Takes” attitude.

Take your time. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Keep your goals in mind.

No matter what you do in life, if you have a positive attitude, you will always be 100%.


This is how you can change attitude into Real ACTION!

Stay tuned Folks!