3 Major Thoughts hit the mind when you turn 25


When we hit the age 25 Life demands more from us. Some of you might have completed graduation or post graduation, few people might be doing job. Many of us want to become great personality, build big career, earn more money and live a lavish life. Thoughts are running at the speed of light.

Hang on for few minutes and read out this article to understand these thoughts are normal when you turn 25.

1. Marriage Thoughts

In India when a girl completes a graduation or during the graduation her parents start finding a groom for her. So if you are a girl and facing the similar thoughts relax for a while. It’s our society mentality which cannot be changed so soon. If your parents are not forcing you to marry then neighbor, relatives or society will force them. Don’t worry girl, if you want to pursue higher studies or work for more 2-3 years then go and talk to your parents and make them understand. If you are a male reading out this article then you too must be facing this situation the other way round. Many proposals might have come to you and you must be wandering what I am doing.
If you want to marry then marry if you don’t then just talk to your parents, we get one life and don’t live it with regrets.

2. Career Thoughts

Either you have just passed out from college or you might be working professional career thoughts to come in this age. E.g. what kind of company I will work for? What will be the package? What are my goals for next 2-3 years? Should I change my job? Should I shift to new city? Etc.

I appreciate that you are thinking about it. Don’t panic just have a confidence in yourself and take the decision. You are young it’s okay to make mistakes this is how you will learn. It’s not the end it’s just a beginning of your career. Learn as much as you can in young age even if you get paid less in starting. Your knowledge will make you a better professional in long term.

3. Transition Thoughts

So as you are grown up now and you have completed your graduation. The moment you join company as a trainee or full time. You will initially face little difficulty. E.g. you will miss college days, hangout with friends etc.
Instead of professors you will have senior leads, manager. Instead of friends you will have colleague. Etc. You will notice a change within yourself as you are now working; you will have certain responsibility to handle at home etc.
Don’t take yourself too seriously, handle everything well. Enjoy this transition period and live the life to fullest.

I hope this article relates to you somewhere if there are any other thoughts which are bothering you. Do write it in comment section below.

Thank you! 🙂